Course Name English Language
Course Information Course Code Course No. Course Level Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
1700-101 First 3
Course Track

Course Description:

This course concentrates on the development of reading skills, specially skills pertinent to students in a university environment; aspects of information retrieval, ascertaining the subject or purpose of a text, using context to infer meaning of words, phrases and large text segments. The focus is also on answering questions of a general nature and utilizing context clues in understanding order and sequencing information. The course also develops the skills of reading and grammar. It teaches the skills of comprehension, finding main ideas, using the context to understand vocabulary items, and practicing synonyms and antonyms. It also widens the range of vocabulary of the learners. In addition, this course focuses on grammatical structure: the Simple Present Tense, the Simple Past Tense and the Present Continuous Tense. Besides it teaches how to form questions. Specific types of grammatical items are practiced: nouns, adjectives, adverbs, comparison and contrast, and possessive and reflexive pronouns.

Course outcome:

1. Reading comprehensively different kinds of passages in English.
2. Answering questions of a general nature.
3. Forming sentences in many different forms.
4. Using grammatical items; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, comparison and contrast, and possessive and reflective pronouns.
5. Acquiring the meanings of many useful words from their context.
6. Learning some grammatical rules especially the simple present and past, present and past continuous tenses.

Assessment Policy Assignment 10% Quiz 55% Lab --- Project ---%
Midterm ----% Final 35% Others -
Textbook Facts and Figures 1: Fourth Edition By Patricia Ackert & Linda Lee, Publisher: Heinle, 2005