Course Name Mathematics-1
Course Information Course Code Course No. Course Level Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
2417 – 301 301 PYD 2 -
Course Track

Course Description:

Mathematics-1 is a course in Basic Mathematics offered by the Department of Basic Sciences. It is a 2-credit-hour course conducted through 4 hours along 8 weeks. This course provides an intensive study on Basic Mathematics, which is fundamental to the study of related technical subjects. Emphasis is placed on many topics; explicitly: Decimals and Percentage, Algebra and Equations, Lines and Inequalities, Functions and Graphs, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

Course outcome:

1. Compute percentage and apply the operations on decimals and fractions.
2. Recognise the real numbers and their properties.
3. Apply operations on polynomials and factorise the polynomials.
4. Solve linear, quadratic, and absolute value equations.
5. Solve linear inequalities.
6. Find equations of, and graphing, lines and circles.
7. Recognize functions, including composition of functions and inverse functions, and their application as mathematical models.
8. Use the properties of exponential and logarithmic functions and their application to solve equations

Assessment Policy Assignment ---% Quiz 30% Lab --- Project 5%
Midterm 25% Final 40% Others -
Textbook Mathematics With Applications: - 10th edition
Author: L. Lial , T. W. Hungerford , and J. Holcomb
Publisher: Pearson, 2013.
References Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 7th edition
Author: Michael Sullivan
Publisher: Pearson, 2016