Course Name Scientific English
Course Information Course Code Course No. Course Level Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
1708-103 Second 3 English Language 101
Course Track

Course Description:

This is a scientific English Language course for the students of science, intended to enhance and improve the language efficiency of the students. It aims at increasing the students’ scientific vocabulary and their ability to read and understand scientific material.

Course outcome:

1. The ability to read a scientific passage in English Language and answer related questions.
2. The acquisition of many scientific vocabularies and expressions.
3. Practising a variety of structural rules.
4. Applying many grammatical rules within scientific contexts.
5. Studying English Language for a specific purpose.

Assessment Policy Assignment 10% Quiz 50% Lab --- Project ---%
Midterm ----% Final 40% Others -
Textbook Facts and Figures 1: Fourth Edition Suleiman Saleem Mazyad, “English for Science”. Elementary Level, Third Edition, ISBN 978-603-00-3539-7
References 2. Web.
3. Wikipedia.