Course Name Speech Communication
Course Information Course Code Course No. Course Level Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
1722-138 Fourth 2 1722-137
Course Track

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of developing effective presentations to different audiences. Students learn necessary aspects of organization, style and tone of expression. They learn to assess appropriateness of topics in terms of setting and demographic traits of potential audiences. They get practice by a series of in-class presentations.

Course outcome:

1. Effective organization of a presentation.
2. Care in choosing a topic in terms of appropriateness and possible offensiveness.
3. Adjustment of the presentation to the target audience.
4. Showing awareness of aspects of speech setting.
5 Giving a presentation with proper delivery: volume, posture and gesture.
6. Engaging potential interest of the audience.

Assessment Policy Assignment 10% Quiz 50% Lab --- Project ---%
Midterm 0% Final 40% Others -
Textbook The Basics of Communication Studies: - 2nd Edition
Author: Scott Maclean
Publisher: Pearson, 2010
References English-English Dictionary