Course Name University Life Skills
Course Information Course Code Course No. Course Level Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
2410-305 * 1 1 There is no
Course Track

Course Description:

The course provides students with the necessary skills during their stay at the university to reach high levels of university adaptation, the ability to study and to cope with the requirements of the university and community life.

Course outcome:

1.1- Identify the concepts of collegiate life including studying, decision-making, preparing for exams, and solving problems to help him/her adapt to university.
2.1-Implement right strategies of studying, doing research and managing time.
2.2- Follow scientific steps to solve problems and make decisions.
3.1- Build good report with his/her instructors and colleagues.
3.2- Recognize psychological problems and the solutions to control them.
4.1- Appreciate the value of teamwork.

Assessment Policy Assignment --% Quiz ---% Lab --- Project 20%
Midterm 30% Final 40% Others 10%
Textbook This course consists of a number of training courses presented to students in the form of PowerPoint Presentations, and these presentations are uploaded on the students’ university websites.
References المراجع :

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