Course Name Basic Science 2
Course Information Course Code Course No. Course Level Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
2417-305 305 PYD 2 -
Course Track

Course Description:

Basic Science 2 introduces basic concepts and key ideas while providing opportunities to learn reasoning skills and a new way of thinking about our environment. No prior work in science is assumed. It is substantial introduction to the fundamental behavior of matter and energy.

Course outcome:

Recognize subatomic particles and the atomic structure.
Memorize the functional groups in organic chemistry and its chemical properties.
Recognize the main areas of medicinal chemistry.
Define chemical reactions Explain balancing chemical equation as an application of the law of conservation of mass
Review the factors affecting the reaction rate. .
Identify the four types of chemical attractions and its effect on the physical and chemical properties of the substance.
Compare atomic bonds.
Differentiate between acids and bases and their properties.
Calculate molar, molal, w/w, w/v concentration.
Solve stoichiometric calculations.
Classify chemical reactions according to their energy
Demonstrate scientific facts.

Assessment Policy Assignment 10% Quiz 15% Lab --- Project 10%
Midterm 20% Final 40% Others 5%
Textbook Required Textbook(s): Conceptual Chemistry, 5th edition. By: John Suchocki. Pearson. 2013.
References 1. Chemistry, 12th edition. By: R. Chang. McGraw-Hill. 2015.
2. Conceptual Physical Science Explorations,6thedition. By: Hewitt, Suchocki, and Hewitt. Pearson Addison- Wesley, San Francisco, CA. 2016