Faculty Survey
(for faculty of the Preparatory Year Deanship, KFU)
Academic Year 2021-22

This survey is very important in an effort to improve the quality of the Preparatory Year Program.

You have been a part of the Preparatory Year Program, at least for a year, and experienced its courses, activities involved, facilities etc. Your responses will provide an important source of information for our evaluation and planning efforts. Please answer all the questions as this may help us to improve our program.

All answers are confidential and will not be associated with your name.

This survey is divided into TWO sections: section 1 has been looking for your RESPONSES for the appropriateness of the Preparatory Year program’s Vision, Mission & Objectives in the precisely outlined statements (1-11), whereas section 2 2 is requesting your RESPONSES for related to Preparatory Year Deanship practices for statements (12-31).

In addition, section 2 requests for your RESPONSES for 5 OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS (32-36).