Stakeholder College Instructor Survey for Preparatory Year Program Graduates
Academic Year 2021-22

This survey has been designed to help Preparatory Year Program learn from the experiences of the Instructors involved in teaching students graduating from the PY.

You have been regularly engaged with the students coming to your college after completing one year PY Program and have been going through their preparedness for your college, their attitude and their ability to bear the load of your program etc.

Your responses are very valuable and may provide us an important source of information for our evaluation and planning efforts. Please respond for all the statements. If you wish, your responses will be anonymous (for that case, don’t write your name).

This survey is divided into TWO parts: Part 1 has been looking for your RESPONSES for the precisely outlined statements (1-8), whereas Part 2 is requesting your RESPONSES for 3 OPEN-ENDED QUERIES (9, 10, 11).

In Part 1, you have been given 14 statements for which responses are requested from you on a five-point scale. The recommended scale is:

5 Exemplary
4 Competent
3 Marginal
2 Unsatisfactory
1 Nothing to consider